Monday, April 11, 2016

Weird Film IV Program - May 5!

Weird Film at the Winery proudly presents films - heart-rending and funny, surreal and supernatural - from Australia, Iraq, France and the US of A. Plus Q&A with a filmmaker,  trivia contest, and popcorn!

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Month to Month (James Ersted, USA)
- A struggling busker discovers a mystic wormhole in LA
The Bungled and The Botched (Tim Shay, USA)
- A robot feels the existential dread
It Had Wings (Ellen Hemphill, Jim Haverkamp, USA)
- What would you do if an angel landed in your backyard?
The Arrival (Terrian Williams, USA)
- Post-apocalyptic travelogue - wish you were here
Dialing (Bahaa Alkadumy, Iraq)
- Mother will always take your call, even if you might be a ghost - sad and beautiful


No Fly Zone (Adam Getz, USA)
- Quidditch team documentary - get your game on!
A Sad Tail (Tyler Sajko, Australia)
- Stoners versus the Illuminati - even paranoids have enemies
Jehovah's Cobras  (James Ristas, USA)
- Snake charmer versus loan shark - Satan get back!
The Sheriff (John Riddell, Australia)
- A dying man reviews his life with the help of a mysterious stranger
Fumer Tue (Smoking Kills) (Lionel Kaplan, France)
- French zombie in a mortuary!
Kaddish    (Emeline Castaneda, France)   
- Singing French Jewish zombies!                       
Drone Blender (Billy May, UK)
- Operators are standing by to take your order
Donut Shoppe Rendezvous (Alyson Calder, USA)
- Girl meets donut, girl gets donut - it's love

plus Death by Broadcasting, a one-minute creep-clip by Jay Kay of Horror Happens!