Friday, February 27, 2015

Weird Film II Program - March 18, 2015

APPLE HEAD (Rebecca Thomson, 2014, Australia)
It only looks like a cute doll. It's an evil doll.

CHOMP! (Adam and Joe Horton, 2011, UK)
You can't hurry love. 

CHOMP (Lynne Hansen, 2014, USA)
If you don't want to be taken for a zombie, don't dress like one.

A GIRL, A CAT, A BOMB (Laura Maxfield, 2014, USA) 
A girl and her cat battle post-apocalypse cabin fever. 

DANGER WORD (Luchina Fisher, 2014, USA) 
Survival lessons from Grandpa. He isn't fooling.

DEAD IN THE ROOM (Marjory Kaptanoglu, 2014, USA)
A writer's pitch turns ugly. Really ugly.

GRAVEYARD STORIES (Damir Romanov, 2011, Serbia)
The ghosts of a murdered gangster gets lonely.
HERE COMES THE BRIDE (League of Steam, 2014, USA) 
Steampunk inventors build the Perfect Woman.

IKEA DRACULA (Jeremiah Murphy, 2005, USA ) 
A surreal trip through the land of pre-fab furniture. 

LIFE & DEATH OF A PUMPKIN (Aaron Yonda, 2006, USA)
You'll never look at Halloween the same way again.

STRAIN (Dalila Kee, 2011, USA) 
Revealing a hitherto unknown property of cannabis.

THE BUNNY MAN (Eve Edelson, 2014, USA)
Urban legend vs. Mom. No contest.

THE PIT (Karen Lam & Lauren Marsden, 2013, Canada) 
Meta-horror for your cinematic education. 

THE WASHING MACHINE (Lorenzo Pomari, 2014, USA/Switzerland)
One more reason not to go down in the basement.

TUCK ME IN ( Ignacio Rodó, 2014, Spain)
The monster-under-the-bed story to end all monster-under-the-bed stories.