Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weird Film III Program


Weird Film IV
November 17th, 2015

Block One

THE REVENANT (Norman Jangot & Victor Druillet, France) 
An idealistic zombie gets in Death's way.

PULSE (Damir Romanov, Serbia) 
What's a vampire mother to do with a son who has no impulse control?

THE WHISPERERS (Jason Miller,  USA) 
Sibling rivalry's terrible consequences. Be careful what you wish for.

TAKE IT EASY MARIA  (Leonor Pacheco, Portugal) 
A great solution for noisy neighbors.

DEAR HEARTS  (Stephen Martin, Canada) 
A young mortician will give his heart away to find true love.

Block Two

THE PREDATORS OF TRANSYLVANIA (Julia Kolenakova, Slovakia) 
The werewolf is hot on the children's heels! Or is he?

VOLUNTEER  (Javier Marco, Spain) 
Jaime wants to go to Hollywood. His parents want him to go a bit farther.

THE GRANDSON (Jan van Gorkum, The Netherlands) 
A visit from a child. How sweet. Or not.

REBORN (THE WOMAN AND THE SNAIL)  (David Halphen, France) 
Death can't part these lovers. Really not. 

INDEFINITE LATE FEE (Magill Foote, Canada)
The apocalyptic warning on the VHS tape was quite clear. 

ROCKZTAR (Bruno Gradaschi, Argentina)
Middle-aged tango fans mistakenly resurrect a zombie rocker.

CREOSOTE (Chris Sickels, USA) 
Roadside assistance from a very unusual creature.

JUMP (Richard Anthony Dunford, UK) 
A ghost tries suicide counseling.