Saturday, July 19, 2014


CARGO ( Yolande Ramke, Ben Howling, 2013, Australia )
A father's last-ditch effort to protect his baby from zombies.
Finalist in Tropfest Australia. Beautiful film receiving lots of acclaim.

THE EMBALMING  ( Matthew Graves & Frank Tuttle, 2013, USA )
A funeral home director is visited by an odd group with a simple request.
Straight outta Mississippi, from the Southern Documentary Project.

JELLY WRESTLER ( Rebecca Thomson, 2014, Australia )
An aging bartender with a ghastly secret takes revenge when her shifts are cut back.
From Tasmania - tune your ears to Australian and prepare to be entertained!

THE JOB INTERVIEW ( Julia Walter, 2014, Germany )
A job applicant undergoes a stress test with a difference.
Winner of the jury award for best short at Etheria Film Night.

KILLING CANDI ( Julie Ufema, 2013, USA )
A very demanding actor gets her come-uppance.
Of course we've never worked with anyone  like this...

LITTLE REAPER    ( Peter Dukes and Aubrey Dukes, 2013, USA )
Death's Daughter grudgingly fills in for a day. Sort of. Whatever.
A hilarious send-up of teenager-parent relations.

THE MEETING ( Karen Lam,  2013,  Canada )
A support group for serial killers resents its newest member.
Best short film award at the 2013 Viscera festival.

MOVIE MONSTER INSURANCE  ( Paula Haifley, 2006, USA )
Commercial spot for a product you may need in your own home!
Best short award at the Chicago Horror Film Festival.

OPERHATOR  ( Tara-Nicole Azarian, 2013, USA )
"911 is a joke" takes on a whole new meaning.
The menace isn't always where we think it is. Sometimes it's everywhere!

SHELTER ( Eve Edelson, 2012, USA )
A battered woman escapes a very unusual relationship, in a night of cosmic justice at the pound.
Winner of the 2013 East Bay Scream Fest judges' award.