Monday, November 2, 2015

Weird Film FAQs

How is Weird Film at the Winery different from other 'genre' film festivals?

Weird Film is a gathering of wine- and film-lovers to see short 'genre' films they might not see in another setting, in the same combination - horror, fantasy, sci-fi, or just Weird (suspense, noir).

The program is at the 'wuss' end of the horror spectrum - sometimes people bring children, so that limits the material we include. But we don't go for gore for its own sake, anyway. That doesn't mean no grim topics and no blood - see previous programs on this site.

We like to include films from other countries. Sometimes the program coalesces around a theme. The first Weird Film event, in 2014, mostly included films directed or produced by women. For Weird Film III, the finalists revolved around situations involving Family, with a strong contingent from Europe. We welcome films from everywhere, that's just how things worked out this time. Future events might be completely different.

Tickets are available at EVENTBRITE.

What are the venue and the crowd like?

Screenings take place at Urbano Cellars, 2323B Fourth Street, Berkeley, California.

It's an industrial area of northwest Berkeley.

It's fun and intimate and there's good wine and mead. It's a warehouse party with film. Bring your sweater! It is an actual working winery, and evenings can get cold, even in the spring.

We have Q&A when filmmakers are in town, and trivia questions for prizes. There is a feeling of community,  because manyattendees are wine aficionados - the San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed of winemaking, beer brewing and distilling.

Any tips for filmmakers?

This applies to any genre:
-Keep to, or close to, the time limit in the guidelines posted in Film Freeway

-Keep credits short and preferably at the end, unless you work them in cleverly at the beginning. 
-Have good sound. Don't settle for echoey dialog or mumbling in your precious film!