Saturday, September 24, 2016

Taking a break

WeirdFilm is taking a break for fall/winter 2016 and will return in spring 2017!
Stay Weird!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Weird Film IV sold out

This event was sold out, with people turned away at the door.
We're looking at expanding the showings for Weird Film V.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Weird Film IV Program - May 5!

Weird Film at the Winery proudly presents films - heart-rending and funny, surreal and supernatural - from Australia, Iraq, France and the US of A. Plus Q&A with a filmmaker,  trivia contest, and popcorn!

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Month to Month (James Ersted, USA)
- A struggling busker discovers a mystic wormhole in LA
The Bungled and The Botched (Tim Shay, USA)
- A robot feels the existential dread
It Had Wings (Ellen Hemphill, Jim Haverkamp, USA)
- What would you do if an angel landed in your backyard?
The Arrival (Terrian Williams, USA)
- Post-apocalyptic travelogue - wish you were here
Dialing (Bahaa Alkadumy, Iraq)
- Mother will always take your call, even if you might be a ghost - sad and beautiful


No Fly Zone (Adam Getz, USA)
- Quidditch team documentary - get your game on!
A Sad Tail (Tyler Sajko, Australia)
- Stoners versus the Illuminati - even paranoids have enemies
Jehovah's Cobras  (James Ristas, USA)
- Snake charmer versus loan shark - Satan get back!
The Sheriff (John Riddell, Australia)
- A dying man reviews his life with the help of a mysterious stranger
Fumer Tue (Smoking Kills) (Lionel Kaplan, France)
- French zombie in a mortuary!
Kaddish    (Emeline Castaneda, France)   
- Singing French Jewish zombies!                       
Drone Blender (Billy May, UK)
- Operators are standing by to take your order
Donut Shoppe Rendezvous (Alyson Calder, USA)
- Girl meets donut, girl gets donut - it's love

plus Death by Broadcasting, a one-minute creep-clip by Jay Kay of Horror Happens!