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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Weird Film Fest October Program

Different program each night - Q&A with filmmakers - trivia prizes!
Come early for drinks & dinner - yes you can take your drinks into the theater!
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The Last Pet Sitter (Michèle Haines) - to set the mood
Bierleichen Das Movie (Adam Zuniga) - peer pressure goes next level
Jank-E (Mason Day) - post-apocalyptic animal rescue
Shadow at the Door (Roshni Bhatia) - suicide loop
Space Vampire Conquers the Earth! (Murray Teows) - he will, when he gets his s**t together
Melody (Sarah Brill) - child's revenge on home invaders
In Full Bloom (Maegan Houang) - memory as a black hole
New Woman (Benjamin Noah) - splendiferous gothic seduction
The Ghosted (Mary Syring) - support group for the departed

The Last Shepherd  (Last Sun Productions) -
Kabbalists versus demons, organized crime & a secret government agency


Animation block
Digits of Pi (Tom Bessoir) - it grows on you
The Animator (Trent Shy) - revenge of the pawns
Boxes for Rox (Chelsey Knapp) - a robot questions The System
THEM (Robin Lochmann) - they don't look like us, get 'em!

Witchhunters are Coming (James Atkins) - Brit mockumentary!
A Hell of Heaven (Guy Hartman-Cocco) - don't go into the story
Dawn: Year Seven (Jay Reel) - a child with very special needs
Bone (Erica Sweeney) - every dog has his day
Be Useful (Tracy Yan) - this means you!
Jason Goes Home (Chris Hawkinson) - Jason embarks on a new life
Amphetamine Trucker Lament (William Stancik) - strange meditation on lost love
The Knowledge (Alexander Osman) - competitive serial killers
NOM (Angel Suarez) - one bicyclist's special energy supplement
Cold Storage (Thomas Freundlich) - musical caveman number
Bagheera (Chris Watson) - don't mess with girl scouts

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Weird Film Halloween 2019 program coming together

Two nights of Weird coming at ya, Oct. 22 & 29 at PianoFight in San Francisco!

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/weird-film-festival-tickets-71006112193

One of our selections - Dawn, a sweet little girl with special needs.