Monday, July 9, 2018

Weird Film Halloween - Open for Submissions

 Weird Film will return to Piano Fight Theater in San Francisco on October 30, to liven up your Halloween!

Ticket information will be posted closer to the event.

Films can be submitted starting July 10th:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Weird Film Spring Screening Report - April 2018

An enthusiastic crowd watched a program heavy on sci-fi and unusually zombie-free, and filmmaker Devlin Clark ("Heartless") was on hand for Q&A. [The supernatural vibe will probably pick up for the Halloween show!]. 

MOKSHA (Vick Krishna, USA): Poignant post-apocalyptic tale of a son's determination to fulfill his mother's dying wish.

HEARTLESS (Devlin Clark, USA): A lost robot is sustained by the companionship of musical spheres.
TINY CLONES (Jim McDonough, USA): Justice descends on a sadist who torments his clones. 

CONTACT (Teal Greyhavens, USA): A space fleet's VR entertainment malfunctions. Any more detail would be a spoiler! Unsettling.
TIME HEALS NO WOUNDS (Jordan Barnes-Crouse, Canada): Garage tinkering gone Horribly Wrong. Time travel isn't what it was.

EINSTEIN-ROSEN (Olga Osorio, Spain): A delightful look at a child's use of a wormhole.

ATHEMATIC (Jean-David Izambard, France): Another bizarre comedy from Jean-David Izambard, with fine performances by two mannequins!

OUR TURN (Martiros Vartanov, USA): Sweet homage to a newborn - and Buster Keaton.

3 KEYS (Josh Funk, USA): A visit to a psychiatrist becomes (or perhaps has always been) a recursively fatal flight from a killer clown.

10 YEARS BEFORE HAPPINESS  (Murray Teows, Canada):  A trip through an animated noir nightmare.

MY MONSTER (Izzy Lee, USA): What to do when a Creature won't get off your lawn. A twist on the usual screaming, running and falling.

WHAT METAL GIRLS ARE INTO (Laurel Vail, USA): A trio headed for a concert deal with a really evil landlord. Bloody hijinks ensue.

PIZZA DELIVERANCE (Derek Griffiths, Australia): A pizza crew (with the skills of Jason Bourne & Lorraine Broughton) take brand loyalty very seriously.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weird Film Screening Report - October 2017

After three sold-out years at Urbano Cellars in Berkeley, Weird Film Fest moved to PianoFight, San Francisco's well-known downtown performance space, for another night of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and general Weirdness!
Filmmakers Ryan McDuffie ("The Chebo") and Nicholas Zweig ("Eon") participated in a Q&A, and a lively audience crowded into the bar afterward to (a) drink, (b) talk film (c) hang out with Ryan and Nick.
We will return in Spring 2018!


90 SECONDS BEFORE THE END OF THE WORLD - Rundown of the runup to Armageddon (France)
THE CHEBO  - A pet with an agenda - gremlins, move over! (USA)
COPYCAT - Lonely? The haunted photocopier has a solution (Israel)
DEAD CITY - Zombie noir - two genres for the price of one! (France)
ELDRITCH CODE - Ever feel like Cthulhu is in your network? (Sweden)
EON - Animated dream about evolution & religion (USA)
THE LOST SAILOR & THE UNTAMED SISTERS OF LESBOS - The title says it all! Thrills! Subtitles! (USA)
MARIA FERNANDA IN TIME - don't press the red button! (Spain)
MOSTLY USELESS - Flaming trashcans, sexbots, & space science (USA)
NO CORPSE DUMPING - Environmental laws complicate a funeral (Spain)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE USSR Future found footage from the past (Russia)
REDNU - More than a thing under the bed (Brazil)
THE TERRIBLE TYPEWRITER - Writer's block is alive, armed & dangerous
THE WEREWOLF’S GREATEST HIT - Howling at the moon has drawbacks  (Australia)

HOW I ATE YOUR MOTHER - a new twist on date anxiety (UK)
ZOMBEEZ - Marketing to a neglected demographic (UK)